GS Foundation for UPSC Civil Services Exam 2021

All our training programs were designed with extreme caution to provide great learning experience and predictable results.


Most of our courses will accompany study materials that were crafted with extreme caution and complete coverage of entire exam syllabus.

Polity & Governance is the core of Civil Services Preparation. Its contribution to Prelims and Mains is huge. 


Special focus is given for remembering Articles and other facts that are important from exam perspective. 

Economics is weaved with current affairs. Hence a candidate must master the current as well conventional aspect of Economics.


Without exaggeration we assure that we provide the best Economics class which even lay man can understand. We strongly recommend students to NOT purchase any book for economics, but to follow our notes, which is more than enough.

History makes a major contribution in both Prelims and Mains. Hence a detailed step by step approach is followed to comprehensively cover the subject. 


Students face difficulty in remembering facts, dates, names and events in History. However, a detailed story telling model will help aspirants to effortlessly remember it. 

Environment plays a vital role in all three stages of Civil Services Exam. Its contribution towards prelims, mains and on a whole on human sustenance is  important.  We have compiled the entire Environment sessions in 20 videos to help candidates master the subjects. 

All the sessions comprehensively covers the three pillars of Environment studies that includes Climate Change, Bio-Diversity and Environment and Ecology.  

Prelims Test Practice is essential to ace Civil Services Exam. Hence, EDUCASIUM IAS Academy in Chennai provides a simulated test series for Prelims 2021.

Totally there will be 40 test cover entire syllabus on sectional basis allowing students to go through 4000 questions to have perfection in taking the test.

Our Test Series is FREE for our Regular, Weekend and Online Course students.

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